The shark is one of the most dangerous animals on earth, even though it's not dangerous at all. That's also a big problem for The shark. He is lonely and frightened of the endless dark sea, stigmatized to be an horrible animal. That's why he decides to search in western communities for friends, trying to become a professional performer. One thing he doesn't know is, that he is schizophrenic and not able to decide what form of performing he should be in.  
Accidently and fortunately he meets The Squid. The Squid is an animal who gets eaten easily and hates therefore all humans, who just want to make salad out of him. He suffers hardly from depression and can't barely talk.
Together they are "SQUID & SHARK". And maybe they find a way to cure each other with love!

Squid & Shark like to eat in restaurants and discuss every everyday life things, such as recipes or taxes. 

The work "Squid & Shark" is a work in progress including videoart, music and painting. It evolves by every Performance and every event the both characters join. They are performing in normal stage settings and not so usual ones, like supermarkets, public spaces and the moon. 

Concerned about psychological disorders the work deals with topics like eating behaviours and psychological disorders and trauma bondings, mental health, stigmatisation of diagnosis, comic art, pop culture and colours. 

Both of those animals love pink and bathing in balls. 

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